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At Horsesteps, our passion for horses drives everything we do. We’re here to share our expertise and love for these magnificent creatures. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, join us in exploring different types of horse riding techniques, how to care, and a deeper look into equestrian culture.

Top Posts

Grulla Horses

Grulla horse breeds has captured the hearts of equestrians worldwide. These captivating creatures are known for their distinctive coat color and unique characteristics.

Famous Horses in History

Throughout history, literature, and mythology, certain horses have risen above the rest to become legendary figures, each with a unique significance and story.

Horse and Donkey Matting

Horses and donkeys matting phenomenon, where these distinct species come together to create extraordinary hybrids which is called Mule.

The Majesty of Friesian Horses

Friesian horses, often called the “Black Pearls” due to their stunning black coats, have captured the hearts of equestrian.

Horse Trailer Insurance

When it comes to safeguarding your beloved equine companions and their valuable assets, understanding the intricacies of equine insurance is important.

Guide to Equestrian Gear

Equestrian riding gear is the backbone of any horseback riding experience. Helmets, gloves, riding boots, and breeches ensure the rider’s safety and comfort.

Equestrian Sports

Equestrian sports have a rich and varied history, from the elegant dance-like movements in the arena to the rugged equine trail adventures.

The Mythology of the Brook Horse

In Geraldine Brooks’ novel “Year of Wonders,” the brook horse is symbolically referenced. While it may not be the primary focus of the story, its presence hints at the enduring allure and mystery of this mythical creature.